About us

Solving Your Sealing Needs

Since 2003, Norwegian Seals has continuously and increasingly supplied seals in all possible materials and shapes. As demand has increased, so has our market. From delivering to local customers in the early days, we now deliver to customers all over the world. To ensure that we can take care of our customers' needs, we have invested in building up internal competence, ability and capacity.

We have taken the steps from being a distributor of products, to designing and producing in our own manufactuirng facility with a modern machine park and competent personnel

Our continuous focus on our customers has rewarded us with supplier awards and recognition from some of our biggest customers. In 2007, Norwegian Seals received the award as Gaselle Winner in Rogaland. In 2008, 2012 and 2021 we were recognized and awarded the Gaselle Company Award.

Norwegian Seals is one of Norway's leading manufacturers and distributors of Polymer Products, Seals, Packaging, Gaskets and Specialized Machining Services.

Vårt kontinuerlige fokus på våre kunder har belønnet oss med leverandørpriser og annerkjennelse fra noen av våre største kunder. I 2007 mottok Norwegian Seals prisen som Gaselle Vinner i Rogaland, og ble i 2008 utnevnt som Gaselle-bedrift. Samme heder mottok vi i 2021 da vi på nytt ble utnevnt som Gaselle-bedrift.
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Our production

In order to be able to help our customers even better, we have, in recent years, increased our expertise and capacity in the production of seals.

With constant expansion of both machinery and personnel, as well as a focus on quality in all stages, we are ready for the challenges and needs our customers may have.

Our production today consist of:

CNC lathe
CNC milling router
CNC knife cutter
Laser marking

With the capability to manufacture and deliver finished products such as:

Hydraulic seals
Back-up rings
Flat gaskets

In case of urgent needs, we have an after hour service which ensures that we are also available outside office hours.

Technical support / Engineering

If you need elastomer or thermoplastic components for specialized applications, Norwegian Seals Engineering can assist with the following:

  • Sealing design
  • Groove geometry
  • Material selection suitable for the application

We can also offer:

  • Evaluation of existing sealing solutions
  • Failure mode investigation
  • Technical assistance API / ISO qualification
  • Qualification of elastomer and thermoplastic materials in customer-specific liquids and gases

Our Warehouse

In an increasingly demanding market, where availability of both raw materials and finished products can be a challenge, and where our customers' everyday life is more dynamic than ever, we have made a business desition to establish a solid material inventory.
This includes both raw materials for own production as well as finished goods from both own production and suppliers.
In this way, we can often deliver goods with minimal delivery time.

With a focus on high quality at all stages, from the choice of raw materials, equipment and suppliers, to personnel and processes, we ensure that our customers are looked after in the best possible way.

The Norwegian Transparency Act

Norway's Transparency Act requires enterprises to conduct due diligence assessments, meaning that they must look at both their own business, their supply chain and their business partners to find out where the biggest risks are.

Read Norwegian Seals Transparency Act Report.