Norwegian Seals is one of Norway's leading manufacturer and distributor of Polymer Products, Seals, Packaging, Gaskets and Specialized Machining Services.

In general most of the available axial and radial sealing profiles can be manufactured by machining. This production method can be cost and/or lead time effective where limited quantites or short delivery times are required.

Seals can also be manufactured to fit non-standard seal grooves.

Reworking damaged seal grooves/seal surfaces and manufacture a customized seal instead of replacing expensive components, can reduce cost and lead times significantly.

We can machine parts in various materials: NBR, HNBR, FKM / FPM / VITON, FFKM, AFLAS, PTFE, EPDM, PEEK, PCTFE, POM, PA, PE, PEHD, PU, PUR, TFE, TFE/P, UHMW-PE and Silicone.

Standard O-rings and back-up rings, metric and imperial sizes can be delivered in a large variety of materials.

We can also supply: O-ring Lube, O-ring cord, X-ring/Quad-ring, Vulcanized O-ring, Spliced O-ring, Encapsulated O-ring and Oring sets. Backup rings including; Parbak back-up rings, machined back-up rings i different materials, Solid (uncut) Single Turn (scarf cut) and Spiral (multiturn) back-up rings.

Several of the materials are available in accordance with Oil & Gas related standards. This include, but are not limited to:


• ISO 23936-2

• API 6A

• API 16C

Standard flat gaskets and spiral wound gaskets (SPW) for flanges.

Customized gaskets for covers, hatches, manholes and similar. Can be delivered in materials like nitrile, neoprene, viton, fiber, graphite and plastics.

Spiral wound gaskets according to ASME B16.20.

Standard components for hydraulic applications.

Piston & Rod seals:

Comes in a broad range of different sealing profiles depending on application parameters.

Such as Polypaks / Polyseals, T-Seals and S-seals.

Common materials: NBR, HNBR,FKM molythane, polymyte, nitroxile, ethylene propylene, polyurethane and PTFE.

Wipers, scrapers

Several options for open and closed groove available depending on application parameters and hardware design.

Common materials: elastomers like NBR, HNBR and FKM. Thermoplastics like polyurethane, POM and PEEK.

Bearings strips and wear rings:

Common materials: Thermoplastics like PEEK and PTFE filled with bronze/carbon and Composite.

A range of standard axial and radial sealing profiles to suit a broad range of applications are available.

Sealing material: In general manufactured in unfilled/filled PTFE materials, FKM, NBR, HNBR and PUR.

Monogrammed API Ring Gaskets in accordance with API 6A and BSME B16.20.

• Standard Ring Gaskets

• R Type Ocagonal

• R Type Oval

• BX type RTJ

Norwegian Seals have partnerships with high quality machine & engineering company's in UK and Norway for producing metal components for subsea equipment.

Metal C-rings and metal O-rings in different sizes and materials for High Heat and Ultra High Pressure challenges. Can be delivered with NACE Approval.

Sub-X™ Wellhead / BOP & Production System Ring Gaskets

Manufactured in the UK by Sub-Drill, Norwegian Seals stock a variety of Sub-X™ Wellhead/BOP and Production System ring gaskets.

For three decades, Sub-drill’s Sub-X™ ring gaskets have been installed in thousands of drilling and production equipment assets worldwide for deep sea exploration and production of oil and gas.

Sub-X™ gaskets are designed for use in H4 Type VX Hydraulic Connectors for Production and Drilling Operations.

Sub-X™ VX, VGX, VX/VT & VGX/VT (VGT) Type gaskets have been qualified in compliance with API 6A and API 17D with Lloyds Register 3rd Party NOBO Type Approval Certification.

Other types of Gaskets are offered for BOP/Riser applications including AX and CX Type Gaskets, available in a range of sizes.

Sub-drill are specialists in the supply of emergency (contingency) subsea gaskets with reactive technical support for field issues, and the provision of expedited emergency sealing solutions.

Sub-X™ is a globally recognised symbol of quality, market-leading sealing technology and consistent performance.

We are representing many of the world’s premier seal and seal related component manufacturers.

Subsea / Rig Floor / Drill String / Downhole

Since 1992 Sub-drill has provided a global client base with high quality drilling and subsea equipment, offering innovative

in-house design and manufacture to the latest industry standards.

Our product range includes;

Sub-X™ Wellhead/ BOP & Production System Gaskets

DSV™ Test Stand for offline well control testing

MSV™ Pneumatic Mud Saver

Range of Jetting Tools, including Steel Bull Nose, Rubber Bull Nose, Combination Type and Vort-X™ style designs

Side Entry Subs, both Flanged and Integral design

Weight Optimised Integral Handle Style Lift Caps/Nubbins

Integral Pad Eye/Logging Style Lift Subs and API Style Lift Subs

BOP and Casing Test Tools/Mandrels

Float and Bit Subs

Top Drive Saver Subs, including splined design

Full range of Rotary Substitutes (Crossovers, saver subs, lift subs, circulating subs, pump in subs etc)

The Parker Packing Division is a leading manufacturer of sealing systems for hydraulics, pneumatics, automotive, mining, chemical industry, foodstuffs processing and many other areas of industry.

Parker has been developing and designing solutions for the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years.Their expertise and complete product offering means Parker is your one source manufacturer and sealing solution partner. Norwegian Seals and Parker’s team of application engineers can help you find the most reliable, cost-effective sealing solution for your product.

With over 80 years of combined experience, CDI Seals and EGC Plastics, divisions of Fenner

Advanced Sealing Technology (FAST), are industry leaders in the designing, manufacturing and processing of quality components such as;

• High-performance oilfield seals

• Oilfield elastomers

• Packing

• Fluoropolymers

• High-performance resins

Production manufacturing is located in Texas, Germany, and the U.K.

Since 1940, Utex Industries has been one of the leaders in the fluid sealing industry. Gone from supplying rubber gaskets to support allied forces in World War II to supplying innovative sealing technology for virtually every major industry.

Utex are a custom solution provider using various materials such as rubber, thermoplastics, polyurethane, fabric and metal. In the energy industries, the applications for these products are numerous and include uses in oil and gas, electric power, nuclear power, and renewable energy.

Norwegian Seals all-in-one seal machining resource is self-contained manufacturing that consist of leading-edge production methodologies.

Several CNC- machines, CAD-CAM seal manufacturing technology,  deburring & polishing machine, none contact measuring system, laser product marking and engraving.
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